The Coptic Dictionary Online aims to make it easy to look up Coptic words in all dialects and supply freely accessible translations in English, French and German, via human and machine readable interfaces. To learn more about using this dictionary, check out our quick how-to guide.

This project was made possible through the help of the following:

Lexicon preparation

This lexicon primarily represents work by Frank Feder, who prepared and revised the original Coptic word list, in collaboration with Maxim Kupreyev, who extended and standardized the dictionary. Greek lemma information was contributed byt eh DDGLC project in Leipzig and in Berlin. We thank all of following people who contributed to compiling the lexical data:

  • Dylan M. Burns
  • Sonja Dahlgren
  • Julien Delhez
  • Frank Feder
  • Katrin John
  • Lena Krastel
  • Maxim Kupreyev
  • Tonio Sebastian Richter
  • Anne Sörgel

Search interface

The search interface was designed at Georgetown University as part of the project KELLIA by:

  • Emma Manning
  • Amir Zeldes


Funding agencies

Reporting issues / contributing

For issues regarding dictionary content please contact Frank Feder. For search interface bugs, requests etc. please e-mail Amir Zeldes.