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Assistant Professor of Computational Linguistics /
Concentration Director in Computational Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
Georgetown University

Poulton Hall, Room 243
1421 37th St. NW
Washington, DC 20057

Phone: +1 202-687-6760
E-Mail: amir(dot)zeldes at georgetown(dot)edu

Office hours: Wed 3:30-5:30
(please coordinate by e-mail)

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I am a computational linguist specializing in corpus linguistics, the extraction and analysis of linguistic structures in digital text collections. My main areas of interest are at the syntax-semantics interface: I am interested in how we say what we want to say, and especially in the kinds of discourse models we retain across sentences. This includes representing entity models of who or what has been mentioned, how they are introduced and referred back to, but also relationships between utterances as a complex discourse is constructed, such as expressing causality, signalling support for arguments and opinions with evidence, contrasts and more.

I am also very interested in how we learn to be productive in our first, second and subsequent languages, producing some (but not only, and not just any) utterances and combinations we have never heard before. I believe that very many factors constantly and concurrently influence the choice between competing constructions, which means that we need multifactorial methods and multilayer corpus data in order to understand what it is that we do when we produce and understand language.

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