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Tagging and lemmatization


No verb should have -ing in its lemma. However, nouns ending with -ing should keep the -ing in their lemma. Some words can be both nouns and verbs; categorize them based on the specific instance.

  • writingVVG beautifully has the lemma write
  • beautiful writingNN has the lemma writing

Lexicalized words

If a multi-word construction has been lexicalized into one word (i.e. rapidly-growing rather than rapidly growing, then it must be treated as a lexicalized adjective or noun rather than a verb. Most often, these become JJs, such as

  • a rapidly-growingJJ plant

Lexicalized nouns exist too, like

  • the constant egg-layingNN

The lemmas of these words keep the gerund, i.e. egg-laying and not *egg-lay.

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