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what can you do with dep that you can't do with cons?


s5, s6: tick tock - mwe

s30: example of what to do when verb is missing.

s42: standard format for greetings. voc is maybe more informative than discourse: this way at least you could separate out all the vocs and then look for greetings as a subset

s43: what the bloody hell - easier than in the constituent

s47: like is the root, because this could be an answer on its own with the same meaning, while what would have a different meaning. annis gives that what is the dobj of the verb that's a comp to like, but without that pobj seems okay.

s58: ok ok - mwe

s64: What the hell? Can't make What a dobj because there's nothing, so make it a predet.

s69: greet with non-voc NP. you'd just have to look for greetings and then see if it's voc or not

s39, s83: dep

s88: don't have to decide what this is - I had it labeled FRAG, be maybe copula-drop dialect

s93: a good example of where you don't have to be confused with the dep in the way that you did with the constituent, because there it mattered what you put over it.

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